Markus Wagner’s Portfolio
Markus Wagner’s Portfolio

Markus Wagner’s Portfolio

Short Introduction

Hi, my name is Markus. I'm a 31-year-old cloud engineer who enjoys creating software, reading books, making music, and traveling around the world, especially in the region of Southeast Asia. I speak 3 languages: English, German & Thai (only a bit). When I'm not learning working or doing these things, I like to ride my bike. I'm currently working on some personal projects, including connecting smart home devices, which I find very fascinating.
I'm actively seeking new job opportunities starting from November 1, 2023, and I'm open to relocation anywhere in the world. My primary expertise lies in Full-Stack Development with a focus on AWS, Azure, and GCP, along with modern Frontend technologies like Vue and Angular. While my preference is for these roles, I'm also open to exploring opportunities in cloud-related DevOps. Your assistance and connections in this regard would be greatly appreciated.

Key Strengths

  • Allrounder
  • I love finding, learning & connecting tools together and finding new possibilities, for the best result.
  • solution-oriented
  • Attention to detail
  • Self-management
  • 10 years experience in the real world

Introduction of me

I was really lucky, that I could transform my hobby around 10 years ago into my Job. Currently, I would describe my main focus in work: A cloud-developer, mostly working on AWS. I was already certified as “Solution Architect Associate” and currently striving for recertification as soon as possible. My strengths are solving problems and being a team player, trying to support each other. In the past, I mainly focused on consultation as a hidden champion for many successful customers from South Germany, especially in the Stuttgart Area. But I always wanted to travel around the world or work in a different Country.

My mission is simple

Solving Business Problems with precision, using the cloud, but also keeping it real, with the motto: Keeping it short and simple



Summary of my skills

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Development Skills
Development Skills

  • (8y+) OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)
  • (6y+) Functional Programming (e.g. C# Lambda, on Node.js or other frameworks)
  • (6y+) Software Architect
    • The main focus is on the cloud, but it depends on the situations in also old-fashioned way.
    • In the last 5 years, I have been consulting big companies (Worldwide, but especially in Germany) on how to shift their on-premise servers to the (AWS or Azure) cloud.
  • (8y+) Agile Development
    • SCRUM
    • KanBan
  • (6y+) Testing (TDD/BDD)
    • E2E Tests
      • Cypress
      • Selenium
      • Nightwatch:JS
    • Unit Tests
      • mocha / chai
      • jasmine
      • nUnit / .NET Core
    • Testing coverage
    • Integration Tests
  • (8y+) Databases (SQL, NoSQL, MSSQL etc.)
  • (8y+) Collaboration Tools
    • Atlassian Workspace (Jira, Confluence)
    • Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets etc.)
    • Microsoft (Office, Tools etc.)
Coding & Markup Languages and Frameworks
Coding & Markup Languages and Frameworks

  • (8y+) Web Development / Frontend Technologies
    • (8y+) JavaScript / TypeScript / Node.js
    • (5y+) Vue.js
    • (6y+) Angular 1, 2++ & Rx.JS
    • (4y+) Nuxt.js (SSR)
    • (2y) Electron
    • (8y+) HTML5 / CSS3/SCSS
      • Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari proof
      • Material Design
      • Bootstrap
    • PWA
  • (8y+) Backend
    • (8y+) C#
    • (8y+)
    • (8y+) WPF / Windows Forms
    • (3y) .NET Core
    • (4y+) Go
    • (2y) PHP
  • Markup Languages
    • YML
    • XML/SOAP
    • etc.
  • (4y+) Python
    • Flask
Key Technologies & Tools
Key Technologies & Tools

  • Cloud Provider
    • (5y+) AWS
    • (5y+) GCP / Google Workspace
    • (6y+) Azure
  • CI/CD with GitLab, GitHub or Jenkins
    • On-Premise Deployments
    • Cloud Deployments
  • Docker
  • (8y+) Git
  • macOS, Windows + Linux Experience
    • using mostly Shell (CMD or Bash)
  • IDE
    • Visual Studio / Visual Studio Code
    • Atom/
    • JetBrains WebStorm
  • (6y+) UX/UI
    • Figma
    • Sketch
    • Adobe CC
The order of the Items are starting from most to less used experienced.


Verify Me! (Still valid)
Issued on: April 18, 2022
Verify Me! (Still valid) Issued on: April 18, 2022
Verify Me! (Still valid)
Issued on: April 19, 2022
Verify Me! (Still valid) Issued on: April 19, 2022
Verify Me! (Expired February 22)
Isuued on: February 16, 2019
Verify Me! (Expired February 22) Isuued on: February 16, 2019
Gonna be renewed as soon as possible!

My personal experience

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2023-05— 2023-11

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Full Stack Cloud-Developer Alarm IT Factory

Core Business

  • Own Product “Alarm Control Center” for Producing Companies
  • Strong relationship to Siemens & Daimler

My Tasks

  • Transforming the existing C# application from an on-premise solution to a running system in Microsoft Azure and later than rewrite the software as a cloud native SaaS application
  • Mainly worked on the project for Daimler. Due to their policy enforcement, there was a need for a clean implementation for the integration of the Login Process, which is based oAuth/JWT Authorization.
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2018-07— 2023-03

Full Stack Cloud-Developer zoi TechCon GmbH

This job was really special for me. Zoi was just a half year old and 40 colleagues strong, still building the first office, in my time there the company grown to 250 People and from 2 to more locations than I have fingers on my hand all over the globe 🌏

Core Business

  • Consulting many big companies, in how to use cloud as an opportunity to grow their businesses and safe money also!
  • We always tried to be most innovative and push boundaries solving problems for customers in long term.
  • I was involved in many fascinating projects including IoT or developing an Intranet for 10000 of workers.

Core Tasks:

  • Creating and maintaining software for mainly big companies.
  • Working together to create amazing product for amazing customers!
  • Providing Cloud Solutions
  • Consulting the customer, for a nice result
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2016-05— 2018-07

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Full Stack Developer netvico GmbH

Core Business

  • Digital Signage (interactive touch displays )
  • Cashier Signs

My Tasks

  • Special projects, like a Promo Raffle for easyJet.
  • I took a bit over and was some months lead of the software development, due to a lot of leavings in short term, I had in the end only 2 fresh finished students in my team, and I was trying to create the new reworked version, but also maintain all the customized versions, because they had an SLA Contract.
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2015-11— 2016-05

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Full Stack Developer Friedie GmbH

Core Business

  • Digital Signage (interactive touch displays )
  • Fairs or other Event customers

My Tasks

  • Special projects, like a Promo Truck for Brother or a piece for CES Las Vegas for NXP Semiconductors.
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    2015-07— 2015-11

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    Full Stack Developer Mediverbund AG

    Core Business

    • Calculating how much money each doctor will receive from the insurance. These doctors are all “Family Doctors”, Private patient will be billed a complete different.
    • Only military has a higher “confidential” grade. We had special trainings, e.g. if you get caught not locking your pc, when you are not using it can cost you a fine 2,5 million €
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    2012-07— 2015-07

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    (Dual work) Apprenticeship to Software Developer k+k information services

    Core Business

    • Quality Management
      • I in-house developed Software ”WissIntra” existed back then for quite a while and it was written in Visual Basic, which became a complete reboot using the renewed version from Microsoft in modern MVC using C#.
    • Technical Drawings for Mercedes Benz

    My Core Tasks

    • WissIntra
      • I helped to fixed Bugs, maybe comparable to a 2nd level support
    • Since I was the only Colleague doing an apprenticeship, I was working together with students, I helped doing projects with them
    • My final work as exam was Skill Finder, extending the

    Key Clients: Our Success Stories

    Together with Zoi (u.A. IoT)
    Together with Zoi (u.A. IoT)
    Together with Zoi (Payment handling)
    Together with Zoi (Payment handling)
    Las Vegas CES Expo 2016.
    Las Vegas CES Expo 2016.
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    2000— 2012

    Degree Secondary school (Mittlere Reife)

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    2012— 2015

    Apprenticeship ITS-Schule Stuttgart

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    Yes, this is me 😂. Representing Zoi at a small tech fair!
    Yes, this is me 😂. Representing Zoi at a small tech fair!
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